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  • What should i wear?
    We want you to come as YOU. Clothes should be simple and flattering.
  • Is it only for girls?
    No! Males are welcomed to try out.
  • What's this for?
    SBI Regional created this platform to give faces in our area opportunities to gain more experience in the fashion and fine arts industries. Our aim is to asist with building a strong portfolio you can confidently take into any agency.
  • What happens at the casting?
    We want to meet you!
  • How will i know if i'll be chosen?
    You'll be notified within one week after the date of the casting.
  • What if i'm not chosen?
    If you're not chosen, don't dispair! This doesn't mean you wont be contacted by us in the future.
  • What's the ages?
    We're looking for any face that's currently enrolled at Clay Highschool. If you are under 18 however, we will need your parent/guardian consent in order to consider you as a finalist!

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