Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SBI Regional located?

We're located in South Bend, IN. But we service our entire region stretching from Kalamazoo to Indianapolis and Chicago.

What are the services does SBI Regional offer?

Modeling - Fresh Faces: By submission and acceptance only. Modeling: Packages prices for comp card and portfolio building are available. Styling and Sewing: By DW STyles and our Brand Sponsor SBI Music: By submission and acceptance only. Senior Photos: Packages are available.

What does SBI Regional do?

SBI Regional™ is a platform to give faces in our area opportunities to gain more experience in the fashion and music industries. It's geared towards the youth in the area with the intention of cross promotion through brand collaboration.

How do i sign up to be a feature?

If you meet the requirements to be a fresh face, featured face, brand ambassador, or SBI Music artist head on over to our submissions page and fill out the form! If you are a regional brand looking for more exposure, head over to our submissions tab and click "brands" to sign up!

Does it cost?

To be a fresh face, featured face, brand ambassador, or an ABI Music artist there is no cost once selected.

What if i'm not chosen?

If you're not chosen, don't dispair! This doesn't mean you wont be contacted by us in the future.

Thanks! Message sent.

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