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Why We Do What We Do

Ask yourself one question: If you had the opportunity to pursue your dreams, would you take that leap?


Finding opportunities to express one's creative self can be daunting. South Bend, IN "The Dying City", has very little to offer anyone interested in fashion, design and brand building. But a small team of creatives are determined to change that.



Our goal is: Cross Promotion through Brand Collaboration. Most people will give up on this city and move away. But not us. We seek to do something "simple." Promote regional faces, who'll promote regional/national brands, that promote the creatives behind them. 



Growing up, everyone involved has always had an interest in fashion and modeling, but had to travel to big cities (which is awesome..don't get me wrong) to find opportunities. You can easily feel like a small fish in a very big pond without experience, or a solid portfolio you can be proud to take with you. 

Our Fresh Face platform, High School Brand Ambassador, SBI Music, and  Featured Faces is a SPONSORED platform. Meaning we sponsor shoots, while brands sponsor us as the sponsored models promote both. It's essentially a circle of promotion.



Cross-collaboration generates a form of currency which eventually leads to the success of all involved. This is why we believe in carefully selecting our partnerships with creatives, models, and brands. 


HOW YOU CAN HELP. Start by liking our facebook and subscribing to our youtube and instagram pages. The best support is free support. Share our episodes tag or tell a friend. We can use all the support we can get!

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